Sunday, May 2, 2010

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ALLAH said:
"If u never felt pain or
experienced problems,
how would u know I am a
"If u never made a mistake,
how would u know I am a
"If u were never hurt,
how would u know I can
Comfort u?"
"If ur life was perfect,
then why would u need ME?"
Always say thank 2 ALLAH.


Agar koi puchay Zindagi mein kya
khoya kya paya
Tou bila jhijhak keh dena
Jo kuch khoya apni wo meri nadani thi
Or jo kuch paya
Wo mere RAB ki meharbani hai.


Tu agar Mujhay nawazay to Tera Karam hai YA RAB!

Warna teri rehmaton k Qabil meri bandagi nhi....


"Hasbi Allah"
is an Arabic word.
"mujhay ALLAH kafi hai"
Whenever you feel u r in trouble,
or feel lonely, or have some
Just say "HASBI ALLAH"



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